WHY CHOOSE DCP?That's easy!  Here's just two reasons...

1. Students learn HOW to dance (not a dance) from professionals in the field that are passionate about giving back!

2. NO Costume Purchase for performances! 

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Saturday, June 4th


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Wish you had taken dance lessons as a child? Need to work on your balance? Or maybe just take some time for yourself?  Adult dance classes are the perfect place to exercise, learn, and explore movement in a nurturing environment. 

Dance Conservatory of Pittsburgh is home to the professional dance company, H2O.  Several H2O members teach or guest teach at DCP.  For more information about H2O performances or about auditions, go to www.h2odance.com.



Our intermediate ballet, jazz, modern, lyrical, broadway and contemporary classes offer students the opportunity to begin to hone their skills within specific genres while delving deeper into an anatomic understanding of their bodies. 

At the preprofessional level, our curriculum focuses on developing students ability to self-correct, discuss dance intelligently and perform with artistic integrity.  Students are encouraged to study cross-genre and to incorporate pilates. 

We have introductory classes for beginners of all ages.  Our curriculum teachers dancers to begin to use their body in a functional, healthy, expressive manner from the start of training. 



starting out

Exceptional training for every step of the way.